Tips to prepare your Airbnb and Vacation Rental property for winters:

As the busy season is here and winters are creeping in the US because of extreme cold, wind, and snowfall. There are other factors to consider in winters depending on your location. For those people who have Airbnb and vacation rental property in snowy places here are some tips to prepare their places in winters.

Prepare the entrance door during winters:
Get a welcome mat and shoe rack at the entrance door because guests always look for a place to dry off and put on their filthy shoes. This will stop outside snow, mud, and salt in your home.

Make sure your Central Heating is working:

Make sure your heating system is working properly, you can check it by calling a technician to check it well. They will also clean the air filters, eliminate dirt and cotton clogs.

Update tourists Info:

Update summer literature with new winter literature, so your guests won’t feel lazy or bored during their stay.

Place Snow Shovel At Your Home:

Place a snow shovel at your home because your guests will need it to shovel snow from their cars.

Provide quilts or blankets with thicker bedding:

As no one can sleep soundly on cold nights without fleece and quilts, provide your guests with comfortable beds and blankets so they can sleep peacefully.

Keep an eye on lockboxes:

In winters lockboxes get freeze and it can create a problem for you, so keep an eye
On them and check them frequently.

Extra Comfort:

To bump up the comfort of guests’ experience, add cozy robes, hot chocolate supplies, and hand warmers for extra comfort. It will give a comfortable stay to your guests at your place.

Bonus tip:

Get a priority on the house cleaning service department that provides AirBnb and Vocational cleaning services “The toughest thing we run into is that when the heat goes out, it’s hard getting a contractor out promptly to fix the issue,”. If you want cleaning services from a Happy Houses Cleaning Company, we can help you find the perfect fit.

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