Is House Cleaning An Exercise 

You don’t have to be extreme to be healthy, just consistent. Being a working man or woman, you are already occupied with so many things, and you can’t manage your workout, going to the gym and doing exercises. But by cleaning your home, making dinner and washing clothes is counted as exercise, you can get health benefits by doing your home chores without explicitly going to the gym. 


You can burn more calories while cleaning

Is House Cleaning An Exercise

The number of calories burned while cleaning your house is a great way to maintain your health. Many house chores burn more than 3-4 times calories if a person weighs 120 pounds. It is very important to keep yourself healthy in this era and try to engage in activities that are likely to burn calories and are healthy for you. Also, don’t forget to avail regular cleaning services in Atlanta.


Do you want a stable body? 

Grab your gloves and start cleaning! If you want a stable and healthy weight, cleaning is the best exercise you will ever get. Cleaning gives you extra satisfaction and gives your mind peace. There is a list of cleaning chores that will help you burn more calories and keep your weight healthy. But your house need deep cleaning service and you can get it by HHCS professional cleaning services in Atlanta


Vacuuming or Mopping

Cleaning your floor is the best way to keep your muscles strong. You can also observe that your muscles stretch while vacuuming, like a full lunge workout. A lunge is an exercise that uses all your lower body same as with vacuuming and mopping. 


Scrubbing Surfaces 

Scrubbing surfaces in the bathroom burns more than three calories per minute. Scrubbing includes your hand and feet, fingers and the calf of your legs. For example, if a surface is over your head, you will stand on your toes to reach that area. It also puts pressure on your calf. Calf muscles help you in shaping your legs. 


Dusting and Washing Baseboards 

When dusting or washing baseboards, it uses your arms and is more likely a cat-cow exercise. You extend both arms back and forth. With this, you are helping to maintain your body weight and abdominal muscles in a good position. Dusting and baseboard washing will help you burn four calories per minute. 


Making Beds 

Making beds is also like a left lunge such that your lower body moves when you tuck sheets on both sides of the beds. It will help you burn five calories per minute.



If you want to burn 5-7 calories per minute, gardening is best for you. Gardening is one activity that includes squats and push-ups, such as climbing a tree to pluck extra leaves. Weeding and raking are likely to help your upper body workout. 


Total Calories Burned Per Day? 

While doing housework, a person who weighs 150 pounds will burn 200 calories in an hour. Your fitness trainer will not recommend you do house chores as an exercise, but when you can’t get to the gym, do house chores, and your half workout is done at home. 


But if you still don’t have time to manage house chores by yourself and you are gym motivated. Then you can hire Happy Houses Cleaning Services in Atlanta. You can call us to get free quotes for all of our services. 


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