Lests Disscuss The Reality Of Cleaning Services In Atlanta

How bad you feel when you expect everything from our cleaner to do, but cleaners are stuck to their company restrictions. Some of them won’t want to meet our expectations as per their company policy or standards. But the truth is you hire cleaners to fill the empty spaces of cleaning that are left or hard to do. Today we will talk about the problems you face while hiring cleaning services in Atlanta; there is a miscommunication. It would be great if you were sure that you are hiring the right cleaners for your home cleaning services.

Happy Houses Cleaning Services has an experience of more than 13 years, and we only hire professional staff. We have a checklist for all of the cleaning services. You can visit our website for checklist satisfaction before hiring us and get the home cleaning done according to your expectations. Moreover, we offer flat rates for our cleaning services, and the professionals can do referrals upon request within 24 hours if there is any area left by the cleaner that needs to be cleaned.


The most common reason for home cleaning is floor cleaning, either marble, wooden or tile floor. It needs to be clean regularly. You have often come across companies that demand only vacuuming the bottom but not moving the furniture such as sofas, tv racks or heavy furniture. They don’t push or clean under them, although you expect to clean every home corner. That’s why you hire cleaners.

Although some companies are flexible, they add every cleaning chore to their checklist to make it clear to their customers.

Happy Houses Cleaning Services has a checklist for all home services. You can customize the cleaning checklist as well.


Most of us are busy with our daily life routines, and we don’t have enough time to clean the house as it needs to be cleaned. For that reason, you hire cleaners for house cleaning services.

When it comes to the bathroom, you don’t clean the wall tile often, and the mold will grow there when you leave it for longer to clean it; it’s harder to remove it.

When you hire professional cleaners in Atlanta, you expect them to scrub the wall and floor tiles. A standard bathroom cleaning takes 25-30mins for cleaning.

Trash Bins

When left uncleaned for a longer time, trash bins grow bacteria that welcome allergies and different diseases. Cleaning the containers is basic. When you hire cleaners for house cleaning in Atlanta, some of them don’t throw the trash around or empty the bins. You expect them to do so because trash removal is included in basic house cleaning.

Some cleaners don’t know the trash bin colors and their uses, and before hiring cleaners, make sure that cleaners know the recycling plan to keep you aside from penalty charges.


The kitchen needs extra attention because it is where you cook and eat, so it needs to be adequately cleaned. The dirt and left-out food attract bacteria and can live actively in damp places. You expect our cleaners to clean the inside oven and dishwasher, but some cleaning companies don’t allow them to clean. That’s the biggest disappointment. You can do regular or daily kitchen cleaning without hiring cleaners, but you have to hire professional cleaners for deep kitchen cleaning.

If there is any chore that we miss, call or text us to discuss it briefly. Happy Houses Cleaning Professionals are here to listen to your needs and budget to work accordingly. Contact our cleaning services in Atlanta, and our team will thoroughly clean your home.

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