Let Us Articulate About Taking Care Of Your Laminate Floors

Looking for effective tips for cleaning your laminate floors? Congratulations, you’ve landed at the right place.

Laminate flooring requires special care because, unlike hardwood, laminate floors cab is resurfaced if stains or damage occur. Also, a full-fledged replacement is a hefty burden on the pocket as well. Therefore, to avoid costly replacements, it is vital to maintain and care for your flooring.

Let’s discuss the dos and don’ts of cleaning your laminate floors at length!

Do’s to Clean Laminate Floors

Mop your floor regularly

Mop your laminate flooring every two months to keep them looking new. Damp mops (also known as microfiber mops) are safe to use on laminate flooring. If you’re going to use a standard mop, wring it out until it’s nearly dry.
a cleaner wearing yellow uniform mopping the floor

Check Label before Using a Cleaning Product on your floor

Oil-based cleaning products have the potential to harm the flooring’s protective coating and produce stains and residue. Apply laminate cleaner sparingly and on a mop or microfiber cloth rather than the floor if you must. On laminate flooring, you should never apply wax or polish.

Trim your Pet’s Nails

Trimming your pet’s nails will stop them from scratching your floor as they move about. The nails on your dog or cat might damage your floor. Yes, this is one of the best pieces of advice for cleaning your laminate floors, let us know if it is effective for you or not!

Get rid of Stubborn Stains

To remove chewing gum and candle wax after it has been set, use a plastic knife, scraper, or credit card. Apply a plastic bag of ice to the substances. Rub alcohol can be used to remove crayons, paint, ink, and nail polish. Cleaning your laminate floors will not be a hassle after following these incredible tips.

Take Care of your floor

Add furniture pads beneath the legs of chairs and tables to prevent additional scratches, especially if they are moved regularly. Rugs and floor mats, especially near entrances, will assist stop wear and tear as well.

Don’ts of Cleaning your Laminate Floors

Avoid Traditional Mopping

Traditional mopping shouldn’t be done on laminate flooring since the water might harm the seams (like swelling or floor bubbling). Water pools can also result in fading or stains. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to properly clean your laminate flooring.

Never Forget to Keep a Welcome Mat

A welcome mat that allows guests to thoroughly wipe their shoes off will stop grime in its tracks. One of the biggest threats to your laminate floor is the grit from a filthy shoe bottom. It becomes dull, scuffs, and even picks up dirt.

Never Use Abrasive Clothes

It is never advised to use anything that might cut or produce a hole in laminate flooring. Use a washcloth or a mop made specifically for delicate surfaces whenever feasible. Insist on the fact that they aren’t genuine hardwood and that extra care must be taken if a cleaning lady is coming around.


Compared to hardwood floors, laminate flooring is less expensive. Additionally, it makes your house feel more contemporary. Laminate floors don’t require resurfacing and can last as long as hardwood floors with proper maintenance. Maintaining the beauty of your laminate floors for years to come can be accomplished by following these successful cleaning tips by the experts at Happy Houses Cleaning Services!

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