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A Little Background

Centennial Hill is located on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. Hines Interests coined the name, which implemented only to their designed development in the vicinity.

Even though development was never completed and the land was later sold, the name became synonymous with the entire neighbourhood. The Centennial Place residential community, which replaced Techwood Homes, the United States’ first public housing project, occupies roughly half of that area.

What’s Special about Centennial Hill?

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Located near the junction of 75/85 and I-20, you can easily get to downtown and midtown as well as the airport. The neighborhood is located in the eyeline of the old Olympic stadium, which now serves as the home of Georgia State Football.

  • Continue walking or biking a few blocks to reach The Beltline Southside Trail,, Zoo Atlanta, Grant Park, and The Beacon.
  • Centennial Hill was created to encourage community interaction and connection. Each home has an unrivalled third-floor living space as well as a spectacular rooftop deck with views of a historic neighborhood.
  • The porches graciously transition through Olympic Ring-inspired doors into the main level’s spacious open living spaces. If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear the crowd cheering at Georgia State Stadium.
  • Summer hill was one of Atlanta’s first integrated neighbourhoods, founded in 1865 at the end of the Civil War. E. P. Johnson Elementary School, the City’s very first public school for Black children, was also located in the neighborhood.

Restaurants & Bars in Centennial Hill

In Centennial Hill, there are roughly 113 eateries, bars, and coffee shops, and it takes 5 minutes to walk to 8 restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops on average.

Centennial Weather/Climate

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Centennial Hill, Atlanta enjoys four different seasons, including warm, muggy summers and chilly, rainy winters. Rarely does it get below 22°F or above 95°F. It is subtropically humid in Atlanta. So, be prepared for a lot of rain and humidity when travelling to Atlanta.

Let’s explore more about Centennial’s climate season by season.


The average number of nights with lows below freezing throughout the winter is 47, however the temperature hardly ever drops below 0°F.
With only a 20% likelihood of rain, winter also receives the least amount of precipitation. Highs throughout the day in the winter are predicted to be in the low 50s.

You should dress appropriately for the winter temperature in Atlanta by wearing a sweater, warm gloves, and long sleeves. Typically, you only need a coat at night when it’s cold.


Atlanta experiences highs of 90°F and an average July temperature of 67°F. June marks the start of summer and ends in August.

In the afternoon, there is often a 20 to 40% risk of summer thunderstorms. Visit Piedmont Park to escape the heat, stroll along the Beltline, or visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden.


Atlanta’s spring season lasts from March until May. At the start of spring, temperature varies from 46 to 63°F, and towards the conclusion of spring, they range from 73 to 81°F.

Without any humidity, warm daytime temperatures are brought on by Gulf of Mexico air. The biggest free outdoor celebration in the area including live entertainment and cuisine is called Sweet Auburn Springfest.


With cold, less rain than the rest of the year,and sunny days the fall in Atlanta is really nice. The Taste of Atlanta features food from 80 regional restaurants as well as beer, drinks, and wine in the Historic Fourth Ward Park.

Additionally, the Shaky Knees Festival offers live music, breathtaking fall scenery, and fun activities for the whole family like apple-picking and much more.
We hope these bits of information will help you buy the best Centennial house according to your budget and requirements. Good luck!

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