Let’s explore Atlanta’s historic neighborhood together!

Brookwood Hills is a lovely and scenic National Register of Historic Places in the Atlanta neighborhood. Despite being in busy surroundings, Brookwood Hills has maintained its quiet vibe and reputation as a well-loved, close-knit, and established community.

The meandering, tree-lined lanes are lined with a variety of residences going back to the 1920s. The architectural style, scale, and design of Brookwood Hills residences vary, they incorporate a wide range of early twentieth-century designs and components. Meanwhile, popular housing styles include Colonial, Cottage, Neoclassical, and Tudor with sizes ranging from one to two and three stories.

The History

Brookwood Hills, established in 1922, is one of Atlanta’s first suburban community projects. Brookwood Hills, with its enclave plan, curving streets, and range of building types, has preserved its 1920’s the ambiance and community integrity while the city has become increasingly metropolitan around it.

This section of Atlanta had seen some of the deadliest combat during the Civil War.

The Battle of Peachtree Creek, a key action in the Battle of Atlanta, started in the forests around Brighton Road and expanded to the crossroads of Brighton and Peachtree and surrounding locations.
Following the war, the city expanded north as some of its most prominent people erected country mansions along Peachtree Street.

How Brookwood District Was Developed?

So initially, Benjamin F. Burdett bought Brookwood Hills, Buckhead which had previously been a part of the Collier estate, and established a real estate partnership.

The Burdetts employed O.F. Kaufmann, a civil engineer who had collaborated with Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. on the creation of Druid Hills. The Northwood, Huntington Palisades and Woodcrest lots that made up the first phase of Brookwood Hills were designed and constructed between 1922 and 1924; the second phase was finished by 1933.

In 1979, the area was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Boundaries & Intrusions

The historical district consists of two neighboring, sequentially developed subdivisions dating from 1922 to 1933. Peachtree Road, formerly a posh residential street, is today a bustling business corridor. To the east lies a virtual wilderness along Clear Creek, with train tracks and a freeway beyond it.

Brookwood Hills is surrounded by institutional and commercial development, as well as another railroad.

The Significance Of This Amazing Historical Place

Brookwood Hills is noteworthy in Atlanta’s architectural, landscape architecture, and community development history. The subdivision was built and constructed to suit the automobile, although streetcar and train facilities were nearby. Brookwood Hills is a real historical drama from Atlanta’s initial wave of suburban construction, and it is remarkably well kept today.

Moreover, Brookwood Hills is the newest historic Atlanta suburb to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It depicts suburban housing that was planned, constructed, and built by locals who were inspired and, in some cases, taught by precedent-setting suburban projects. Brookwood Hills exemplifies Atlanta’s fixation on suburban expansion in the early twentieth century.

Brookwood Hills Is A Residential Haven Surrounded By Atlanta’s Quickly Developing Cityscape

Throughout the 70-plus years that Brookwood Hills has existed as a community, homeowners have worked with the local, state, and federal governments through the Civic Association to ensure that expansion on the outskirts does not ruin the area’s unique traits. It is a residential haven surrounded by Atlanta’s quickly developing cityscape.

Some of the challenges that have impacted the area include the city’s decision to abandon its proposal to extend Palisades Road all the way to Piedmont Road. It is an excellent urban community in many aspects, reflecting neighborhood and architectural design. It is something to be valued and vigorously protected.

It’s A Mind-blowing Tourist Attraction In Atlanta Neighborhood

Savannah, Oak Hills, and Brookwood Hills, Buckhead are some of the most visited and cherished tourist spots in the Atlanta neighborhood. The architecture here is magnificent and the entire place has such scenic and dazzling vibes that you’ll go into another world (a mesmerizing one). In all of these historic places, the significant assets are very well-preserved and safe to visit, in fact, Brookwood students often take class trips to Savannah.

What do you think then? Have you added this astonishing place to your travel list yet?

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