Getting Ready For the Barbeque..?

Whether it’s your grill or ones available in Atlanta’s parks for public use, charcoal grills require cleaning and maintenance to ensure they work correctly and cook your food properly.

A clean grill is the key to a great barbeque. Here’s how to obtain and keep your charcoal grill in good condition. There are many ways to clean a barbeque grill; you can choose one that’s easy and works for you.

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Clean Grill Grates Without A Grill Brush

Cleaning barbecue grates using a barbeque grill brush is the old technique, and it’s one of the grill cleaning instruments you should get rid of right away; it’s time for a grill cleaning hack to take its place.

Cleaning a barbecue grate is simple if you understand how to clean your grill with aluminum foil. Simply roll up a piece of foil and use it like a grill brush. Before you start the fire, clean your grill while it’s still cool.

Cleaning a hot grill grate spreads the food residue and grease around rather than knocking it off, so try this on a room-temperature grill first. Cleaning grill grates using aluminum foil is the current go-to approach for ensuring your grates are ready for the next meal.

High-tech Method Of Grill Cleaning:

There are many high-tech cleaning tools like Grillbot Automatic Grill-Cleaning Robot that you can use to clean your grill smartly. With the stroke of a button, the battery-powered grill cleaner completes the entire job for you.

Three revolving brushes on this cutting-edge grilling equipment help you clean the grates of debris. From a 10-minute fast clean to a 30-minute deep clean, the robot’s cleaning time may be programmed. When it’s finished, it beeps, but you won’t miss it because it beeps loudly as it works.

Clean Your Grates Before Every Cooking Session:

You can reduce the number of deep cleans you’ll need to perform each season by cleaning your grates before each grilling session. Running a good grill brush around the grates each time before cooking is an easy method to accomplish this.

Next, make sure to preheat your grill, doing so will assist prevent food from sticking to the grates. Oiling the grates is another technique that helps prevent food from clinging to them. To slide a wadded-up paper towel down the hot grates, just dip it into frying oil first.

Seasonal Deep Charcoal Grill Cleaning

Remove the grill grates and any ashes from the ash catcher and bottom of the grill before beginning a thorough cleaning. Spray oven cleaner on the grills inside and the grates after that. Mix some warm water and dish soap while the cleaner is penetrating.

The grill’s exterior may be cleaned using a cloth or paper towel. The grill’s interior and grill grates may both be cleaned using the same solution. When done, thoroughly rinse the grill with clean water before wiping it all off and drying it.

Why Charcoal Grill Cleaning Is Important?

It’s that time of year again when we want to host as many barbecues as we can before Atlanta’s autumnal colder months arrive.

  • After being cooked repeatedly, breaking down, and absorbing CO2, built-up oil and grime on your grills might cause cancerous health concerns.
  • Simply preventing that muck from accumulating in the first place is the simplest solution to this problem.
  • All types of pests, such as flies and gophers, will be attracted to the oil scent that remains after your barbeque well into the night.
  • You may avoid problems such as leaking gas lines, overflowing drip pans, corroded drip trays, etc. by maintaining a straightforward cleaning regimen.
  • Imagine bringing your family and friends around only to discover that your grill won’t start when you need it to. Large and unexpected blasts of flame can be produced by greasy burners and grills.
  • When you prepare new food the following time, bacteria that have grown on old food will attach to it.
  • Foods that are allergic may cross-contaminate, which might be a problem. Mold may not be fatal, but it can still make you unwell and it won’t taste good.

Charcoal Grill Maintenance Tips:

  • After cooking, use a non-bristled Safe Scraper or a Libman Stainless Steel Brush to scrub your grates and cooking surfaces clean.
  • When the tray is cool, remove it and scrape it clean. Then immerse it in warm water with Dawn to remove any leftover oil before carefully rinsing and drying.
  • Once a year, use BBQ Island’s Grill Degreaser to thoroughly clean your grill.


BBQ/ Charcoal grill cleaning was never so easy before! A little cleaning may go a long way toward keeping your charcoal barbecue in top-notch condition. So, if you follow the easy instructions outlined above, you’ll have a terrific day grilling!

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