We Will Guide You How You can Clean Your Home Regularly!

The homeowners with the cleanest houses all agree that frequent cleaning is necessary to maintain your home/apartment spotlessly. Waiting and allowing the filth and grime to accumulate will result in an eight-hour task that might have been completed in a few minutes.

Therefore, it’s important to know how often a home should be cleaned. Whether you want to hire professional cleaning services in Atlanta or want a house cleaning schedule for yourself, this guide will help you in both cases.
So. There are areas in the home that require regular cleaning, while some only require a weekly or even once a month cleanup. Let’s discuss all of them briefly.

Areas To Be Cleaned On Regular Basis

Kitchen & Easily Accessible Surfaces

If you prepare meals and cook frequently, cleaning the kitchen every day is essential. If you eat your meals on dining room tables, coffee tables, and breakfast nooks, wipe them down to prevent the spread of bacteria and vermin, and sweep any crumbs that have fallen to the floor below. Clean up tables, any other surface such as countertops that are specifically used for keeping mail, personal items, or books regularly.” Clutter removal may significantly improve how neat a place seems.

Areas To Be Cleaned Weekly or very Other Day

Bathroom & High-touch Surfaces

According to public health professionals, a fast clean-down once a week can keep bacteria away. Wash any used bath mats and towels, and then clean the toilets, tubs, mirrors, and sinks. Every day, numerous bacteria and other germs are brought into your bathroom, and since bathrooms are frequently exposed to increased moisture levels, there is a chance for mold and mildew to flourish.

Keep cleaning wipes on hand in the bathroom for quick and simple sink cleanup. Even better, you can simply set a 10-minute timer to clean up any areas where shoes or clothing accumulate. You may reduce clutter by giving them a little care and maintenance every few days. How rapidly these areas can be cleaned up will astound you, and the results will amaze you even more!

Areas To Be Cleaned Every Other Week

Fridge & Floors

It’s crucial to clean out the fridge, remove any food that has gone bad or been ruined, and prepare a dinner using the items that are about to expire. Regular cleaning of your refrigerator helps prevent mold growth on rotten food items and keeps them smelling fresh. Along with routine spot cleaning, your floors should also be cleaned every few weeks.

Although you should try to clean your bathroom once a week, you should give your shower and/or tub special care once in a while. The thing is, bathrooms are prone to moisture buildup and frequent cleaning of the bathtub and shower prevents the growth of mold and germs. Deep clean your toilet or bathtub, tile, and clean shower liners.

Also, wipe dust and remove dry leaves from your plants, it’ll improve transpiration and make them healthier!

Annual Cleanups

Light Fixtures, Curtains & Other Stuff!

Adding curtains to your annual spring cleaning list is a terrific idea. Curtain fabric can collect dust over time; washing them during spring cleaning can brighten them.” Your lights may be given a new lease of life with a yearly cleaning!

Clean out the fixtures with a long-handled duster, and while you’re at it, change any blown bulbs. Rather than tiring yourself up, it’s better to hire a reliable professional house cleaning service in Atlanta for an annual deep cleaning of your place!

List Of Most Commonly Used Home Cleaning Products

Having the correct cleaning tools can make all the difference. If you’re purchasing necessary cleaning items for the first time, it’s okay to start with less expensive versions of some of the more expensive equipment, you can upgrade them later if required!

Broom, Bucket & Dustpan

You may not need a bucket each time you clean, but you’ll be pleased you have one when you do. When it comes to dust, hair, grime, and everything else that winds up on floors, any broom and dustpan will do the trick. You can get a tiny portable alternative that has the same capabilities but requires a little more work.

Vacuum Cleaner & Microfiber Towels

Even if you don’t have carpeted flooring, a vacuum cleaner is a must-have. Don’t have enough room or money for an upright option? Purchase a portable vacuum cleaner, often known as a dustbuster. Microfiber towels are delicate enough to clean any surfaces, including stainless steel and glass, without leaving scratches.

Rubber Gloves & Squeegee

Keep a squeegee in your bathroom to reduce soap scum buildup on the tile, which will spare you a lot of time in the long run. Many come with suction attachments, allowing you to stick them to the wall and utilize them as required.

Besides, a decent pair of robust rubber gloves are inexpensive and essential for safeguarding your hands. They also last far longer than nitrile or latex gloves. It’s better to get another pair to keep in the kitchen to protect your hands from hot water while dishwashing.

Get Different Types Of Cleaners

All-purpose cleaners are great at removing oil, filth, and stains, and most only require a spritz and a wipe. Glass cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning glass surfaces such as windows and tables, leaving no streaks or spots behind. The wood cleaner is a one-surface cleaner that is specifically designed for use on wood.

Hire Professional Home Cleaning Services In Atlanta For Optimal Outcomes!

Despite spending all your weekends scrubbing the floors and wiping the windows, it’s better to hire an affordable house cleaning service, such as Happy Houses Cleaning Services. We operate in Atlanta, GA, and its suburbs including Buckhead, Atlantic Station, Brookwood Hills, and Midtown. You can hire us for regular, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services at highly reasonable rates!

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