Best Things To Do In Atlantic Station, GA

Is Atlanta your next travel destination? Well, you have an amazing choice we must say.

Whenever we visit Georgia, we always try to roam around the mind-blowing sites of Atlantic Station. This place literally pulls you towards its magnificent infrastructure, rich environment, and history worth remembering.

We want you guys to enjoy this place even more; so, we’ve decided to share the most happening places of Atlantic station and the coolest things to do there!
Let the countdown begin!

A little Background…

The former Atlantic Steel mill site in Baltimore has undergone a multimillion-dollar development project which is now known as Atlantic Station. 15 million square feet of residential, commercial, retail and public park space were initially intended for the development. Due to its magnitude, the Postal Service decided to give the area its ZIP code: 30363.

To improve energy efficiency and lower air pollution, several of the buildings have received LEED certification. A sizable wood-frame apartment structure that was being constructed at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia, was entirely destroyed by a morning fire in July 2005.

Buildings sustained damage worth at least $5 million, while 18 vehicles that were parked on the street were demolished and another 7 suffered major heat-related damage, and the main retail area of Atlantic Station was sold.

Even after sustaining such huge destruction, Atlantic station has stood firm with all its attractive sites to be visited by travel lovers like me and you. So, let’s explore the family things and most entertaining things to do in this incredible area!

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Do Art in the Central Park

Art in the Park is a painting workshop and gathering for adults where you’ll learn different methods and styles step by step. After the event, you’ll have a magnificent piece of artwork to show at home. But you must have a ticket to enter; you can visit their website and get yours! Every first Sunday of the month, residents, visitors, and art aficionados meet.

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Explore History at Millennium Gate Museum

The Millenium Gate, a symbol of peace inspired by Rome’s Arch of Titus, is one of the most stunning aspects of the City of London’s public areas. While visiting Atlantic Station, you’ll see the triumphal arch towering gloriously in the Commons. The Millennium Gate Museum is an educational attraction that displays exhibits from different times in Georgia.

The 12,000-square-foot gallery houses antiques, paintings, pictures, and other records that depict life in the past. There are three-period rooms dedicated to significant eras: the Atlantic Steel rule, the early nineteenth century, and the Revolutionary War!

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Shop, Eat & Enjoy!


There are some of the most diverse shopping centers located nearby Atlantic Station, such as Target, H&M (which also has a children’s section), Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic, DSW, LOFT, Express, GAP, Dillard’s, IKEA, and many more. You can shop there endlessly and for as long as you want because the city never sleeps!


Furthermore, Midtown Atlanta’s walkable neighborhood is dotted with a variety of pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy your favorite Atlantic foods and drink with your family and friends, because a family who drinks together, stays together. Cheers!

A trip to The Pig and The Pearl is a must for genuine, freshly cooked southern food! They provide traditional artisan drinks, tasty oysters, and smokehouse fare.
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It’s A Mind-blowing Tourist Attraction In Atlanta Neighborhood

Yard House near Atlantic station is a New American restaurant offering a variety of exquisite cuisine and draught beers and is recommended for individuals with refined tastes. Atlantic Grill is a more informal option, serving burgers and grilled seafood.

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Now, let’s talk about some entertainment! So, you must have heard of Atlantic Station’s fabulous ice skating place. Haven’t you? Skate Atlantic Station is an outdoor ice skating rink that is open from mid-November to mid-February for fun lovers like you and me.

The destination may have an unpredictable schedule since it’s subject to temperature and weather changes. Once inside, you’ll be in the company of others who like to glide across the ice and give their thighs a workout. It’s also quite a magical experience, especially when the sky is clear and the stars are visible.
Aside from the numerous concerts hosted in Central Park, there are several festivals and events conducted throughout the year; also, BODIES The Exhibition is permanently housed in Atlantic Station, as is Cirque de Soleil.

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Enjoy Latest Super-hit Movies At Regal Atlantic Station

With 18 theaters exhibiting the hottest blockbusters, Regal Atlantic Station is the main visual entertainment center in Atlantic Station.

It’s one of the most well-known theaters in the heart of a city, outfitted with cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of modern viewers. Don’t forget to stop by the concession counter for some freshly baked popcorn and other theatrical favorites. Watching movies isn’t one of the best things to do in Georgia but across the world. Isn’t it?

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Let Your Inner Child Relive at the Center for Puppetry Arts

The largest puppetry-specific facility in the US is located in Atlanta at the Center For Puppetry Arts. They have a sizable collection of puppets from popular 80s and 90s series including Sesame Street, the Muppet Show, and others. The entire family may have fun at puppet shows and puppet-making courses.

Wrapping Up!

So, ladies and gentlemen, these are some of the most entertaining things to do in Atlantic Station (the coolest neighborhood of Atlanta, GA).

There is something for every taste in the city’s festive occasions, entertainment venues, commercial district, and eateries. You can use this list as a guide when creating your schedule to ensure you don’t miss the best places!!!

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