Useful Cleaning Hacks For Atlanta Property Owners!

Maintaining a property is a heck of a hassle. Especially if you have to attract new tenants. With consistent cleaning and upkeep, you can keep your current renters and ensure their comfort while living in your home. So, in this article, we have summarized the best cleaning tips for Atlanta property owners by our experts at Happy Houses Cleaning Services.

Let’s take a look.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Atlanta Rental Property

Keep all of the common areas clean

Atlanta renters demand that communal areas always look their finest. You will need to perform routine maintenance, such as power washing facades, clearing snow and/or leaves from parking spaces, and cleaning gutters and downspouts. The expenses of maintenance are justified since they result in improved curb appeal, fewer accidents, and lower liability concerns.

Keep your backyard cleaned

a lady is cleaning her yard full of leaves

If you haven’t checked your backyard deck in a while, do it now. Going green by using green materials is advised if you need to repair the deck. Put natural wood in its place.

You can maintain your deck using a variety of eco-friendly and non-polluting paints, stains, sealers, and wood finishes.

Get All Leaks Repaired

pipe leakage is getting fixed by a plumber

Over time, your home will settle and move, and before you realize it, you’ll start seeing little gaps around your doors and windows. You should spend some time sealing those leaks and fixing that worn molding if you are capable of performing the upkeep yourself.

Get Rid of the Pests

a cockroach is been killed with spray

For your renters to feel comfortable residing in or utilizing your property, it is crucial to offer them a building that is free of pests. Larger maintenance costs may be incurred if pests are not controlled.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Atlanta New Home

Spring has here, which means it’s time to spruce up your Atlanta house! Here are some of our favorite suggestions for looking and feeling your best in your new home.

Here are some of the best cleaning tips for Atlanta new homes!

Remove all of the dust

a woman cleaning the light with duster

Take actions to limit the collection of dust in your house. Dust your entire house using a duster or a piece of cloth. Get into those difficult-to-reach areas like cabinet tops, fan blades, baseboards, and above your doors. To remove any concealed dust, move furniture away from the walls, flip your sofa over, and use a broom.

Keep everything well-maintained

Check and seal all of your windows and doors for leaks (typically visible as paint peeling) and drafts. Having cracks and gaps in your home may change the temperature and may drastically increase your usual heating expense. Cleaning and disinfect your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms regularly.

Keep your carpets cleaned

A professional carpet cleaning will remove some bacteria and allergens from your house. Having your wood floors waxed or professionally cleaned will also give your home a whole new appearance.

Get your windows cleaned

You should clean the windows and sills throughout your home, both inside and out. To clean both sides of your window screens apply kerosene and then rinse them with a soap and water mixture. To begin, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated place.

Wrapping up

When you own a rental property, spring cleaning takes time; however, we can spare you the trouble of making your rental property ready for your next renter. We hope these cleaning tips for Atlanta homes will prove beneficial for you. If nothing is working for you, then the best solution here is to hire a professional cleaning service in Atlanta like Happy Houses Cleaning Services. Our experts are here to help you in the best possible manner!

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