Most Useful Cleaning Hacks For The Residents Of Midtown, Atlanta!

Do you hate cleaning? Well, welcome to the club!

Happy Houses Cleaning Services Midtown, Atlanta has brought the best house cleaning tips for anyone who hates cleaning, and for the ones who like to clean, but want to get done with it quickly!

Keep reading for the most effective house cleaning tips from the pros.

Multitasking is the key

You must have heard people saying that you should focus on one thing at a time, and it is quite right about work, but not about cleaning.

You can get a lot more done by sneaking into bits of cleaning while doing other chores. For example, if you are doing a face mask in the bathroom, you can let the face mask do its thing and spend a few minutes just cleaning up your bathroom, and then by the time the face mask is dried on you can wash it off, and your bathroom will be nice and clean at the same time.

Also, if you are boiling water in the kitchen to make tea, you can unload and load your dishwasher during the time that the kettle is boiling.

Additionally, if you throw a pan on the stove and you heat it, you can do a lot while waiting for that pan just to heat up cleaning up the kitchen after cooking that kind of stuff so if you have a task that you need to do anyway think about how you can double up on that task and get something else done at the same time.

Enhance Dishwasher Efficiency

You’ve got a dishwasher at home there is a better way to load and unload it!
The first thing is of course loading the dishes properly but also loading them in a way that they could be unloaded efficiently.

So, group all like items together all of your Forks should be in one part of the cutlery basket all of your cups should be on one rack and then that way when you’re unloading it’s so much easier for you and more efficient to take things out one pile at a time and put them where they need to be.

It may seem to be a little improvement, but the fact is that it’s little things like this that start to add up an aggregate, and can really save you time.

The Garbage Cans!

Getting rid of the garbage is hectic sometimes, but not anymore!

You can leave a little container of garbage bags at the bottom just to make unloading and emptying and changing out the garbage bag a little bit easier. Generally, your cupboard where the garbage bags are normally located and the garbage position itself are about five or six feet away from one another but the act of putting those bags right at the bottom of the garbage can just saves time. you go in, empty your dirty garbage bag, then you go in pull out a fresh one put it down, and move on!

So often, when people empty the garbage they forget the extra step of changing out the bag after they’ve dropped it off where it needs to be so this just helps keep things flowing and keeps things efficient.

Don’t Over-clean!

Remind yourself that you don’t have to clean all the things all the time.

Some people feel compelled that they have to clean everything every time they clean and that’s overwhelming and that takes a lot of time so if you can really think about the tasks and those most important areas (MIAs) of your home that you need to focus on and then really hone in on the actual jobs that need to be done.

In this way, you’ll see that cleaning is a lot less daunting and you don’t need to spend that much time doing the tasks especially if you’re maintaining your home on a regular basis.

Save yourself from the extra laundry!

There really is less to do when you attempt those bigger jobs to freshen up your clothes between washes to save yourself from how to do extra laundry. To prolong the life of your clothing we have a little secret tip for you, first, spritz your garment down with some DIY fabric refresher.

The next thing you want to do is place those garments whether they’re tops or pants jeans anything like that (not socks or underwear) just leave the clothes in the dryer on the air only or the fluff cycle. Now you can run this through for about 10 or 15 minutes and what that will do is breathe some new life into the clothing just help freshen and perk it up a little bit the clothes will look and feel better and you’ve saved yourself a wash!

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