Looking For A Successful Vacation Rental Cleaning Guide?


The summer is right here, and everyone has been vaccinated, more and more states are getting ready for a surge in visitors. It’s time to prepare your vacation rental home in Atlanta for visitors. This necessitates developing a plan for turnover cleaning in between leases.

To have your home in peak form and eliminate the possibility of receiving negative reviews due to cleanliness, follow our comprehensive guide to vacation rental cleaning.

Fundamentals of Vacation Rental/ VRBO/Airbnb Cleaning

In order to reduce the amount of downtime between check-out and check-in, vacation rental cleanings must be effective, comprehensive, and quick. At a vacation rental property, areas that you would only clean once a week, once a month, or even less frequently at home must be cleaned in between every visitor. But don’t worry; you’re protected by our exhaustive handover cleaning checklist!

It’s Highly Important to Get Done with the Cleaning Quickly!

Nobody likes to sit around on their first day of vacation while the cleaners finish up! Therefore, every host must learn how to thoroughly clean space in only a couple of hours. From top to bottom and inside to out, clean. The duration of each work should also be taken into consideration. Start by stripping the beds since it might take an hour to wash bed linen in a washing machine. While you clean the rest of the property, the linens may finish their cleaning.

Do Laundry First!

Laundry is the first thing to clean in a rental home/apartment. To keep bedding as clean as possible, some hosts opt to use duvet covers. Put all of your linens in the washer first. After that, wash the towels. You might not have enough time to wash every blanket if this is a turnaround.

Use Authentic Cleaning Products

You need to be very cautious while utilizing strong chemicals on fragile surfaces. Bleach is quite effective in killing black mildew and bacteria. Please use Clorox in showers and baths if your surfaces allow it. To ensure your guests’ safety, sanitize surfaces with Lysol or an equivalent. Cleaning a vacation rental requires more than simply making it seem clean. Your environment must also be clean and sanitary.

Follow Wall to Wall Cleaning Procedure

Before dusting the curtains and surfaces, start with high areas like ceiling fans. Leave no hair behind and spread out towels in the restrooms. Make sure all of your utensils, pots, pans, and plates are clean and sterilized. As for mattresses, they must be clean and presentable, much as in a luxurious hotel room, and always finish with the floors.

Check for Damages & Leftovers

Now, look around the house for any damage, leftovers, significant alterations, and time-consuming cleaning activities. You may start with the shower as it is in an especially awful state.

Follow A Rental Cleaning Checklist

Vacation rental owners and property managers should always approach significant cleaning activities with a clear game plan in mind to ensure they don’t neglect anything. Whether you hire a team of experts to acquire professional vacation rental cleaning services or do the difficult job alone, it’s crucial to plan each assignment and determine how you will complete it. Therefore it is very important to follow a comprehensive cleaning checklist.

Click here to check our Housekeeping Checklist, Atlanta. 

Can I Clean My Airbnb/VBRO Myself?

Not everyone wants to spend the time necessary to clean a rental home to an acceptable quality. You may always rely on a vacation rental cleaning service if it all sounds like a lot of effort. In just an hour or two, these cleaning experts can have a place ready for your upcoming visitors.

Where To Find The Most Affordable Vacation Rental/Airbnb Cleaners In Atlanta?

If you are looking to get more visitors and get successful in the vacation rental business in Atlanta, then hiring Happy Houses Cleaning Services, in Atlanta will be your smartest decision by all means. We are a locally-owned and operated home cleaning service that specializes in cleaning apartments, condos, beach houses, and VRBO properties. We deliver personalized assistance at highly affordable rates.

Our professional housekeepers in Atlanta make sure that your home is transformed into a spotless setting for your vacation rental visitors. They do a comprehensive inspection of the space, make a strategy for getting the job done, and don’t waste time picking up trash, sweeping, cleaning, sanitizing, or vacuuming infrequently utilized areas.

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Our Airbnb-VRBO- Vacation Rental cleaning services are available all across Atlanta, GA and its neighborhood, including Buckhead, Atlantic Station, Brookwood Hills, and Midtown. 

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